Smart Phone/Computer Controlled Heating & Cooling Systems

Have you ever left the air conditioning or heating on while on vacation, only to return home with a ginormous electric bill?  Or wished you could schedule your heating or air conditioning around your crazy work schedule instead of leaving it on all day?  Well, you can!

Pond’s Plumbing and Heating offers you the ability to control your heating and cooling needs straight from a computer or your smart phone, easily and worry-free.  Designed to save you money, smart phone and computer controlled heating and cooling systems will also add convenience and comfort to your every-day life, all while decreasing your energy needs.

Turn the heat down when you’re not home, and turn it on before you know  you’re going to get back.  Or turn your heating or air off while in a hotel hundreds of miles away.  The possibilities are endless, but they all transfer into savings and convenience.