Radiant Floor Heating



Imagine a heating system that doesn’t include whooshing fans or vents, or dust-filled ductwork, but is great for your pocket book and heats your home more efficiently.  If that’s something that interests you, radiant floor heating may be the perfect fit for your home.

Radiant floor heating is a network of small hot-water pipes or electric wires placed beneath the flooring in your home.  For the same reason you can use all sides of a mug filled with hot chocolate to warm your hands in the winter, a radiant floor can easily heat an entire room.  This is what makes radiant floors so appealing.  As  plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey from This Old House says it, “It’s truly invisible.” There’s no annoying allergens, no noise, just comfort. And no more “cold tootsies” on cold mornings because the floor will be comfortably warm to the touch.

With a radiant floor heating system, the heat from the floor warms everything it touches and radiates throughout the room from the ground up (see graphic.) Think of it like heat from the sun. On a sunny day, if you step from the shade into the sun, you’ll feel warmer even though the air temperature is basically the same. This is how radiant floor heating works. Temperature throughout the room is more constant than with your standard forced-air system, where the air rises, cools and then falls to the floor.

An example of a network of heating coils beneath a floor: