On-Sink Hot Water Dispenser


An on-sink hot water dispenser is a small dispenser put directly on your sink which dispenses near boiling hot water.  It might seem like there are not many uses to a system like this, but in fact, there are many:

  • Loosen jar lids
  • Remove labels from bottles
  • Remove wax residue
  • Polish silver
  • Polish jewelry
  • Faster cooking
  • Warm baby food
  • Melt chocolate
  • Sanitize baby bottles
  • Quick clean-up
  • Remove baked on food
  • Warm pancake syrup
  • Instant hot chocolate

and many more! 

Having access to instant hot water will add time to your day and ease to your life-style. With many styles to choose from, this system will add class to your kitchen while saving you time.